Hi! Thank you for being interested in my work! My illustrations have lots of different topics, but most of all I’m inspired by the things I see around me. Nature, a pretty building, cups of cofffee. I love to draw things that make me smile, and I hope to pass on that smile to someone else.

In case you expected a shiny portfolio over here, I have to disappoint you: making a selection of my work felt like I had to cut out all the ‘ordinary’ illustrations, and it’s actually those ordinary pieces that define my work. So down here you’ll find my instagram feed, where I share almost everything I make.

There’s commissioned work, but also autonomous work, quick doodles and even some personal pictures of things that inspire me.Β 

You can tap the picture to read more about it.

In case you’d like to stay up to date about my work, feel free to follow @ninamaakt.

PS Alright, two new projects I’d love to highlight: First of all, I got to design the cover of a notebook for Paper On The Rocks! A bright and colourful design with a hint of springtime. You can read more about it (and order it!) here. Secondly, I got to make a videoclip for a new song of the band Mensenkinderen. A beautiful, calm and hopeful lullaby. The illustrations and the concept of the video are made by me, all the technical magic is done by my husband Floris.