My name is Nina, and I make. I make drawings, letters, postcards, calendars, posters and more. I love being busy with my dip pen and nice inks. I love pretty details, imperfection, simple but beautiful materials, and I love that gorgeous feeling when everything falls into place.

I was educated in art history, which opened my eyes for shapes, colours, compositions and techniques. Those four years were a wonderful and enriching experience, but after that, I realised I didn’t want to dive into other people’s work for the rest of my life. I wanted to make my own creative work. That’s how ninamaakt started, in the beginning of 2015.

Ninamaakt is the name I use for my illustrative work and my webshop. I love to make custom illustrations for people who are engaged, fellow businesses, blogs, birth announcements, magazines, and more. Besides that I’m always working on an ongoing collection of postcards, which you can find in my webshop and in a bunch of stores throughout the Netherlands and Belgium.

With my illustrations I try to make life a bit lighter and brighter. Yes, life can be dark, but I believe we can fill our hearts with hope. Sometimes it feels like hope is surrounding you, overwhelming you with its presence. And sometimes it’s just a tiny glimpse, hidden in chaos. But it’s there. So that’s what my drawings are about: beauty in the ordinary, love in a small gesture and a star in a dark blue sky.

Want to know more about me or my work, or maybe you want to collaborate with me or hire me? Feel free to take a peek at my contact page, you’ll find some more practical information over there.

ninamaakt - Nina